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 Lvl 70 Shadowpriest - Slyverine ( N.E)

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PostSubject: Lvl 70 Shadowpriest - Slyverine ( N.E)   Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:31 pm

Character Name:Slyverine

Character Sex:M

Character Age:17

Character Race:NE

What part of the world did you grow up in:

Do you have any family:yes

Who are you loyal to:God

What are your religious views:Ortodox

How do you feel about the Horde:Dunno they must be eliminate Razz. I don`t do so much pvp and i don`t hate them.

What do you hope to achieve by joining The Exiles:Pve experience, meet new guys

How do you feel about Genocide:

Are you a Demon Worshiper / Demon:

Out of Character Information

Real Name:Muresan Sebastian

Real Age:17

Real Sex: Male

Character Class:Human

Character Level:17

Level of Spoken English (Understanding and Speaking): Basic / Good / Advanced
Level of Written English (Understanding and Speaking): Basic / Good / Advanced
Link to your Armoryhttp://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Scarshield+Legion&n=Slyverine Page:

Please explain your choice of talents:
I was healer for 2 years and i went to shadow.. i have this spec now after i got informed on forums about best pve spec so i decided to use it too
Please list your previous guilds if any:Equilibrium and actualy im in Reunion

Please list your previous raid experience if any:ZG MC BWL Aq20

Are there any members of the guild willing to sponsor you:Vasilla

How long have you been playing THIS character:long time since server opened

How often do you play:each day

What Add Ons do you use:Deadly boss omen dot timmer

Why are you joining the guild: Social (Casual) Member / Raid Member / Role play Focused
rraid member
If your a DPS class what is your average effective DPS in a RAID environment:
in 5 ppl heroics and kara i was 1`st
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PostSubject: Re: Lvl 70 Shadowpriest - Slyverine ( N.E)   Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:38 pm

Your hit rating appears to be a bit low but I think the armory is displaying you without a weapon.

Definately interested in trying you out and seeing how you perform.
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Lvl 70 Shadowpriest - Slyverine ( N.E)
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