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 I want back

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PostSubject: I want back   Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:06 am

In Character

Character Name: Blindjustice, aka Soulmirror

Character Sex: Lady

Character Age: a lil younger then Soulmirror (don't ask age of a girl, ever, she's just young and beautifull)

Character Race: Noble Elf

What part of the world did you grow up in: Ashenvale

Do you have any family: Only one brother left, Soulmirror.

Who are you loyal to: Loyal to those who I can call them friends, even I admit I made a few mistakes.

What are your religious views: I am priestess of Elune and she rules deeply my heart. Also I follow only my heart regarding others, I am not judging them by thier believes, but on theier souls and actions.

How do you feel about the Horde: They are wild, cruel and sometimes tormented. And still met some not that bad ones.

What do you hope to achieve by joining The Exiles: I am right now "Missing in action", need get "Back in Action"

How do you feel about Genocide: That's a question you should never put to a priest, at least not till I embrace shadow again.

Are you a Demon Worshiper / Demon: Not sure, tho I saw my inner demon on one nasty meeting with Leotheras.

Out of Character Information

Real Name: Dutulescu Bogdan

Real Age: 27

Real Sex: Male

Character Class: Priest

Character Level: 70

Level of Spoken English (Understanding and Speaking): Advanced

Level of Written English (Understanding and Speaking): Advanced

Link to your Armory Page:

Please explain your choice of talents:
Is not regular spec, had to make it in 2 min to join ZA after I did Arena

Please list your previous guilds if any:
The Exiles and Equillibrium

Please list your previous raid experience if any:
Karazhan, Gruul, Maggy and ZA full content as raid leader, partially SSC, TK and MH.

Are there any members of the guild willing to sponsor you:
No ideea. Could be more then one if they want to, half of your guild should know me.

How long have you been playing THIS character:
Played like 1 year already, still shared time with Soulmirror.

How often do you play:
Daily !!!

What Add Ons do you use:
Tough question, currently system says I have 102 addons.
Big Wigs, Diamond threat meter, QuestHelper, Decursive.....

Why are you joining the guild: Social (Casual) Member / Raid Member / Role play Focused
Raid Member

If your a DPS class what is your average effective DPS in a RAID environment:
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PostSubject: Re: I want back   Wed Aug 20, 2008 6:30 pm

It is being discussed, but to be honest as i said yesterday for us to take you back in you really need to have picked your game up, we dont have time to teach you the intricacies of raiding and your class mechanics at this point.

We want to kill Illidan and we dont have long left, have a really hard think about whether or not you gonna be able to cope in tier 6.
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I want back
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