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PostSubject: Application.   Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:38 am

In Character

Character Name: Olaes Leonar

Character Sex: Male

Character Age: 33

Character Race: Human

What part of the world did you grow up in: I originally came from Hillsbrad, but moved to Theramore at the age of 5, to begin my long awaited training. I left at the age of 20.

Do you have any family: Not as far as I know, I mean, ever since I left Hillsbrad I have not recieved any letters or information regarding my parents and sister.

Who are you loyal to: The Alliance Leaders, and anyone who commands power over myself.

What are your religious views: That the Light effects our decisions and reasoning the world we live in.

How do you feel about the Horde: The same about any enemy, if they treat you with respect you do the same for them. Only attack if neccesary, or if they have attacked you first.

What do you hope to achieve by joining The Exiles: Exploring the world I live in, making new friends. Destroying any enemies that threatens our home and life.

Are you a Demon Worshipper/ Demon: No, I believe anyone who worships or believes such things should have their beliefs burned out of them.

Out of Character Information

Real Name: Tony

Real Age: 14

Real Sex: Male

Character Class: Arms/Fury Warrior

Character Level: 35 (Increasing Quickly).

Level of Spoken English (Understanding and Speaking): Advanced

Level of Written English (Understanding and Speaking): Advanced

Link to your Armory Page: The armory server was down at the time. But my gear at the moment is, Auction House rares, Scarlet Armour, and various other drops from Scarlet Monastery and Razorfen.

Please explain your choice of talents: 43/18/0 Holy as to be a primary healer in pve and the use of improved concentration aura to give an edge in pvp against silencing opponents

Please list your previous guilds if any: None.

Please list your previous raid experience if any: (On my 70 Paladin Main And Public Test Realm Warrior). Gruul's Lair, Blackrocspire (Upper and Lower). Zul'Gurub, Ahn'Qiraj, Molten Core.

Are there any members of the guild willing to sponsor you: Samaswords, Samaquest, Rowosh. (All the same person).

How long have you been playing THIS character: Just over a month.

How often do you play: Almost every day if not every day.

What Add Ons do you use: Titan Bar, Coords, Auctioneer.

Why are you joining the guild: To discover a new aspect of the game, and make new friends and meet new challenges.

Other Info: I have a Level 70 Paladin main, which I have had for a year. My character may be too low level for the guild, but I shall be leveling him as fast as I can. (1-3 Levels a day).

The name was spelt with two -S-' because the name was already taken. (My fault, long story). My IC character name is Olaes.

Thank you in advance, Olaes.
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PostSubject: Edit.   Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:43 am

I used a template from a previous Application and I forgot to change a part of it:

Talents: My current Talent tree is 21/5/0, I have planned my Talent tree for level 70 thought, 33/28/0, I shall be a Sword-Spec Arms DPS Warrior.

I apologize if I have wasted your time by making that stupid mistake.
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PostSubject: Re: Application.   Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:36 pm

Its a bit early to be able to judge dps warriors at your level, obv you are prepping how to to go and Hidden has spoken to you from what I understand. we would like to put your application on hold for now till your a bit hight so we can asess your performance.
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PostSubject: Re: Application.   

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